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Fiona McCormack, MA VetMB MRCVS, Veterinary Adviser, Peden Bloodstock
“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sarah. From our first contact we knew we were working with a true professional. The task was time-consuming, technical and most importantly incredibly urgent. The language was exceptionally specialised and there were copious lengthy official documents to tackle. Sarah efficiently provided translations and guidance to our company. Throughout the time we worked with Sarah she became an integral part of our team and was available to us day and night for support and guidance. With Sarah’s dedication and absolute commitment to our very demanding timelines we were in-turn able to meet our complex objectives and deadlines. We cannot recommend Clayborn Communications highly enough – we are sure that their commitment to service and delivery in this sector will not be beaten world-wide.”

Recommendation from the French Transport Ministry Intergovernmental Commission

Patrick Gravier, Director, ATS Studios

Sarah has been doing voice over work for us in our studios since 2013 for telephone messaging and the occasional podcast. In addition to voice recording, Sarah has provided high quality translations for the messages. She also enables me to work with complete peace of mind by correcting any (small) mistakes which may find their way into the messages provided by customers. It’s been seven years now and she is still just as enthusiastic! Availability, a sense of service and quality, and Sarah’s smile…”

Lisa Abend, Journalist (website)
“Sarah Mackley did an exceptional job interpreting an interview for me, even though the situation–two people speaking at once,  using specialized language–was complicated. She not only expertly translated their words, but skillfully kept the conversation flowing. On top of that, she’s highly professional, a genuinely nice person, and a pleasure to work with.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

François Grandperrin, Editions Raabe
“For the revision of educational publications we were looking for a native English speaker, but there were none amongst the qualified proof-readers who applied. Sarah contacted us in her capacity as a translator and we were persuaded by her willingness to adapt to this very specific type of work. We have certainly not been disappointed. Very quickly, Sarah grasped the exacting requirements of correcting, of reading from character to character without losing the context, of typography and of formatting. And this both in English and in French! I admit to having been impressed. I often encounter qualified “correcteurs” with less acuity! Sarah has consistently demonstrated her professionalism, rigour, flexibility, availability, responsiveness… I could go on!”

Magali Cuoq, Operational Brand Manager, APRIL Group

“For several years I called on Sarah’s services for institutional and marketing translations. We were always able to rely on Sarah, who consistently delivered very high-quality work. Sarah even took the initiative to set up shared tools which provided us with translation references over the long-term. I would have total confidence working with her again.”

Hervé Lometti, Head of Multimedia & Events, APRIL Group

“Working with Sarah makes things very easy for a company. As someone who is on the ball, ultra professional and very responsive, we can entrust her with all of our translations, despite the technical nature of the language which is not always easy to grasp, even for French people! Having a person you can trust to translate strategic documents is key!”

Nadine Piejko, Head of French, Anglo European School

“Sarah Mackley worked at our school as a French teacher. She proved to be a trustworthy person who always remained true to the values of our school. We had complete confidence in her and she was always highly professional, dealing with colleagues, pupils and parents with sensitivity and tact. Sarah is someone with a commendable character, she is considerate with strong moral values. I would therefore recommend Sarah Mackley wholeheartedly to you. I am certain she will not disappoint you in any way.”

Alpstar cipavJulika Jarosch, project manager, ALPSTAR

“For the proofreading of the final report for the Alpine Space Project “ALPSTAR – Towards carbon neutral Alps” we were looking for an efficient, quick and reactive native speaker. I am really happy to have met Sarah, who helped me out in this stressful time and who worked exactly as I needed it… precisely, energetic and always interested to understand “Alpine English” which is not always easy to understand, but Sarah succeeded to present us a clear report. I am looking forward to working with Sarah again and I am really grateful that she worked with us in this short notice.”

HI imagePerle Jonot, Handicap International
“Sarah Mackley works as a translator and interpreter for various departments within Handicap International. It is a pleasure to work with Sarah, she is always available, flexible and adapts to the specific terminology and requirements of each project quickly. Her very high level of French enables her to offer precise and fluent interpreting services. We have never had any issues working with Sarah Mackley and I would recommend the services of Clayborn Communications without any hesitation.”

Baptiste Burrier, APRIL Group

“We were looking for someone who could provide a responsive service and accurate translations of our internal newsletters. Sarah met our requirements on all counts. Indeed, some of our technical articles require high quality, meticulous translations which Sarah grasped straight away. As well as being highly professional, Sarah is always available and a pleasure to work with, which is why we call upon her very regularly and with the greatest of pleasure.”


 Aurélie Duclos, Projet Manager, TradOnline
“We call upon Sarah very regularly for a variety of translation projects (particularly web and marketing texts) and she has always been highly responsive and professional. She asks pertinent questions and is very committed to her work, she is always keen to take time to research the best possible terminology and writes in a flowing, elegant style. In addition, she is a very nice person, always available and attentive and we thoroughly enjoy working with her!”

   Alison Drummond, Agence Privilège Traduction
“It is a real pleasure to work with Sarah. She is professional, efficient, reliable and has excellent translating skills.”

Karine Huguenot, SOS Trad’, Membre de la S.F.T. (Société française des traducteurs)
“I have been calling on Sarah Mackley’s services regularly since 2010. She works quickly and meticulously. I am very happy with the collaboration.”

Pauline Demazure, Project Manager, Atlantis Group

“We have been working with Sarah for nearly two years now, she is an efficient and responsive translator. She is responsible and professional and always produces work of an excellent standard. We call on her services above all for editorial translations and we have never been disappointed by her work. We have every confidence in her and our clients are always happy with her translations.”